2019 Wedding Packages

All Weddings Filmed in HD

Ceremony Only: $495

Ceremony only recorded with 2 HD cameras (Up to 1 1/2 hours).

Audio captured with a wireless mic on the groom.

We begin 15 minutes prior to start time and film through the dismissal of guests.

Professionally edit the footage captured.

Three copies of your wedding ceremony on DVD. (BluRay option available).

Budget: (Ceremony & Reception) - $1195

· Up to 5 hours of video coverage. 

· Film entire Ceremony with 2 HD cameras (no pre-ceremony coverage).

· Audio captured with a wireless mic on the groom.

· Film Reception with 2 HD cameras (no post-ceremony coverage).  (Up to 3 hours)  (Introductions, toast, cake cutting, All 1st dances, guest dancing, garter, bouquet).

· Professional edit all footage captured.  No special FX used in editing.

· Three (3) copies of your wedding video on DVD. (BluRay option available).

· Custom designed cases for your DVDs.

Deluxe: (Pre Ceremony, Ceremony, Post Ceremony & Reception) - $1595

(Our Most Popular Package)

· Up to 7 hours of video coverage.

· Pre-ceremony activities - Bride/Groom getting ready (Can be 2 different locations).  We are gathering footage to show the bride and bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen getting ready and looking for those special moments with family and friends before the ceremony. 

· Film entire Ceremony with 2 manned HD cameras and 1 unmanned.

· Audio captured with a wireless mic on the groom.

· All major activities at Reception recorded with 2 HD cameras.

(Happy Hour, Introductions, toast, cake cutting, All 1st dances, guest dancing, garter, bouquet and any other special planned events).

· Post Ceremony video coverage on location.  If space available we'll join you in the Limo or on the Party Bus.  The Post Ceremony coverage is where we get phenomenal wedding party footage as well as intimate footage of the Bride & Groom together.   

· Professional and Custom editing to include black & white. Special FX, etc.

· Six (6) copies of your wedding video on DVD.  (BluRay option available)

· Photo Montage set to music (up to 100 photos)

· Custom designed cases for your DVDs

Premium: (Entire Wedding Day) - $3995

· Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner filmed with 1 HD camera.  $495 value.

· Entire Wedding Day filmed as it happened with 3 videographers.

· Pre-ceremony activities - Bride/Groom getting ready (on location).

· Entire Ceremony recorded with 3 HD cameras.

· Audio captured with a wireless mic on the groom and the officiant if possible.

· Post Ceremony video coverage at a desired location with the entire wedding party.

· All major activities at Reception recorded with 3 HD cameras.
(Happy Hour, Introductions, toast, cake cutting, All 1st dances, guest dancing, garter, bouquet and any other special planned events).

· A short love story of how you met.  We write an entire script of how you met and create a short film and show this at the reception for all your guest.  Over a $1000 value.

· Custom Highlight video of your wedding day.  $350 value.

· Photo Montage set to music (up to 100 photo’s).  Can be shown at ceremony or reception. $150 value.

· Custom Photo Montage of your Honeymoon.  (Provide up to 200 photos).  $250 value.

· 10 copies of your wedding video (DVD or BluRay).

· Custom designed cases for your DVDs.  Leather case provided for your main copy.

· Professional editing to include slow motion, black & white. Special FX, etc.

Drone Service: $350

We will capture the overhead video of your wedding destination.  If

you are having an outdoor wedding or your wedding venue has

breathtaking views, this may be a service you won't want to pass

up.  Please note:  (we do not fly the drone during the actual

ceremony for safety reasons and to avoid distractions).

Extra Options:

1. Extended video coverage past package time: $90/hr per videographer.  Cannot be pre-ordered,  This only applies onsite during the wedding after we've reached our package time.

2. Videotape rehearsal & rehearsal dinner (2 Hours): $495

3. Love Story shot at mutual location with interviews and music choice: Starts at $1000

4. Additional Copies: DVD - $35.00 

5. Wedding Day Highlight/Recap Production (Separate DVD):  $350

6. Custom Photo Montage (Childhood, Dating, Honeymoon) Up to 100 Photos: $150

7. Travel over 60 miles - .50 cents/per mile  (Included for Deluxe and Premium Weddings).

We require a $1000 retainer fee for our Premium Wedding Package.

We require a $400 retainer fee to reserve basic, deluxe wedding package.

We require a $200 retainer for ceremony only weddings.

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Memories in Motion
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Thank you for stopping by.  My name is Kurt Mitchell and I'm a 16 year Navy Veteran who learned to film while serving our great country.  When I left the military in 1998, I wanted to continue to use these skills I learned in a way that could preserve memories for others.  There was no better choice than preserving a wedding day on film.  My goal has always been to create a fantastic memory for your special day and be able to do it in an affordable way to meet most budgets.  If you want a true documentary of your day where we don't hide our pricing, that looks amazing, sounds incredible you are definitely at the right place.  Don't see what you're looking for? Call me, I can customize a package for you.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

When I look back over my wedding planning, I remember wanting to skip video.  Pictures were pretty much the same right? Wrong! From the very first moment we met with Memories in Motion, they made us feel like family; like our wedding was the greatest day they would ever film. They catered our every need. On the big day, they were a fly on the wall. Just there, all of the sudden, capturing every moment that would soon be a blur to us. The gentlemen who were with us that day were not only professional but a joy to be around; like long lost cousins, we didn't know we had. On top of all that, the final product is amazing; we couldn't have asked for a greater gift than to relive the best day of our lives so beautifully. Deciding to have Memories in Motion record my wedding day was the best decision I've ever made (besides marrying my husband). What they have given us is something we will cherish forever. Who they are is in their name; Memories in Motion...........Tiffannie and Bryan

Thank you very much for videotaping and editing our wedding video. We are extremely happy with the final product. From the crystal clear picture and sound to the care that was taken to include our wedding pictures on the case. You even included our engagement video on the disc at no extra charge. We feel that having our wedding video professionally taped was well worth the money as we would have never gotten the same results if we were to have done it ourselves. You and your staff were very professional and the end product came out great. We couldn't be happier........Chelsey Eley

We really enjoyed the video a lot and are pleased with everything you captured of our special day. I already know we will look back on our special day for years to come through the lens of this video that you created for us, and it will remind us of how great a day it was. Please know how grateful and appreciative we are of all your efforts, including your professionalism, your willingness to serve us, and your high quality work......Jennifer Spicer

Hi Kurt, I'm happy you emailed me. We love our video. Everything was shot well. We wished we could've had a mic on our church singer to capture the sound better.  It's a small detail, overall, great work!! You'll get recommendations from me......Michelle McNally

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