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Video Services

Video Services Offered:

All Events Filmed in HD!

Dance Recitals:

We are one of Michigan's elite film companies when
it comes to filming Dance Recitals. Every
dance recital is filmed with 3 camera's ensuring that you will
see the smiling faces of your kids and know that are
films capture the creativeness and energy that Dance
Recital's bring. Samples coming soon!

Corporate Videos:

Do you need to showcase your business or processes. We
have the ability to put together stunning footage of your
business or processes. Corporate videos are a necessity
for any business who is online. If you sell a service or product
we have the ability to market and brand you in ways which will
absolutely separate you from your competition. Ever wanted
to highlight your services or products globally. Memories in
Motion can do this for you. Have your very own 24/7 internet
based network. Call for more information.

Video Biographies:

Every person has a story to be told. If you or someone you know
has a story that needs to be preserved for future generations,
Memories in Motion can provide this heartfelt service for you.
Video Biographies are very emotional and powerful service.
As our loved ones get older their stories need to told. We will
capture your story in a 60 minutes style interview along with
pictures, articles, news clippings and videos to preserve a
fantastic Video Biography. Call us to discuss this
exceptional service.

Music Videos:

We are expanding our service to include the ever popular
Lip Dubbing videos. Not sure what a LipDub video is.
CLICK HERE to see one. We can help you come up with an
idea for your video, put your script together and film this
video which is always done in one take. Examples coming
soon. Please call Memories in Motion for more info.

Green Screen Videography:

Need green screen work? We have portable green screens
to arrive on site to film bands, dancers, music videos,
commercials, video resume' etc: We are in the process of
building our very own Green Screen Studio in which we will be
available to film practically any footage needed on
Green Screen. Have an idea for green screen work, call us and see
if we can bring your idea to life.

Sporting Events:

We can film your next sporting event for you. Whether its for High
School, youth sports, or you're in need of capturing a star player for
a sports recruiting video, Memories in Motion Productions is here
to preserve those memories for you. We can capture entire seasons
or single games. Whatever your needs are, we can make it happen.

Sports Recruiting Videos:

Are you in need of a sports recruiting video? We have some
phenomenal video based tools to get your athlete noticed.
We are currently the only company in Michigan that is
presenting athletes in multiple forms to get your athlete
recognized. Our Sports Recruiting Videos deliver the WOW
factor when it comes to getting your son or daughter recognized
by a College Coach. If your Athlete has the talent to play at the
next level, we can showcase them at their best. We can take
your video footage or we can film games for your athlete for
their Sports Recruiting Video. Our videos have success at getting
your athlete noticed and ultimately that sports scholarship
they deserve.

This is only a small example of the video service we
provide. Please call
(517) 474-0733 to discuss your
next project. I look forward to hearing from you.

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