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Film Transfers

Please click here to view a sample of our 8mm Film Transfer

Large amounts of 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm are sitting in a dark corner in many homes. Some of this film can date back as early as the 1930’s. These reels tend to carry plenty of cherished memories for many families, but because this film requires special projectors and an area to display this film, some of this film hasn't been seen for several years.

Memories in Motion is here to help. With advances in new technology, we can bring new life to old films by transferring them to DVD. They can then be viewed safely in your home on your DVD player and enhanced for your pleasure with music, titles and narration. This is a great way to preserve memories and pass onto future generations while the film can still be transferred.

Arranging for your film transfer


Memories in Motion transfers 8mm, super 8mm film & 16mm film, to DVD, MiniDV, VHS, 8mm and Hi-8 video formats. The film image is transferred directly onto the tape format of your choice. Sorry, but we're not able to transfer to Digital-8.

Your 8mm film is captured digitally and edited with music, titles and captions. We use a variable speed projector to eliminate most of the flicker you get with older 8mm film recorded at 24 frames per second and the difference with digital video which is recorded at 30 frames per second.


Each of your 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm film reels is captured digitally into our computer editing suite where color corrections are applied, music and titles added to make a special presentation when completed. Once your project has been fully edited, we use a DVD authoring program to “burn” your presentation onto DVD that you can play in your DVD player at home. We typically use the DVD-R format. Please ensure your DVD player at home will play this format.


Old film tends to be very brittle, and the less it is handled the better. Since it has been tightly rolled on its spool, very little dust or dirt will have found its way onto the film surface. Typically the film is transferred "as is" but we will clean the film if necessary.

On large spools of film, if splices separate or break during transfer the film is re-spliced so that the transfer may continue.


If there is a sequence in which the reels of film are to be transferred to tape, please number the reels accordingly. Mark directly on the reel with a felt pen, or use a small piece of masking or paper labeling tape. Do not use “Post-It notes,” please, as they are likely to fall off in shipping or handling.


The cost of transfer is $0.15 per foot.

An 8mm or Super 8mm 3 inch reel holds 50 feet of film. 5 inch reels hold 200 feet; 6 inch reels hold 300 feet; 7 inch reels hold 400 feet and 10 inch reels hold 800 feet. On 16mm reels and the larger 8mm reels there is often a footage counter etched onto a spoke on the reel.

The minimum charge for film transfer is $15.00


There is no charge for a DVD master. Additional copies of your master will cost $12.00 each. Each DVD includes a custom cover and layout.

Opening and Closing Tiles added to your video:

Memories in Motion can place a starting title and ending title on your video. There is no extra charge for this service. Additional titles cost $5.00ea and can be placed anywhere in the video you desire.


Most of our customers ship film and tape to us via the U.S. Postal Service. We also receive shipments via UPS and FedEx and other major carriers. We suggest that regardless of the method you choose to ship your materials you request “tracking” of the package so that both you and the carrier will know at all times the whereabouts of the tape package. • The shipping address for Memories in Motion may be found on our contact us page. • Please contact Memories in Motion by email or phone (517-474-0733) to discuss any special concerns or questions regarding your film transfer.


Orders are processed as they come in. Turn-around is usually 10-15 business days. Please allow additional time during the holiday season.

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